Singers whose voice changed quite a bit

Bit of talk in the old Titus thread about Stickles’ voice being shot - any other artists whose voice changed a lot over time? NOT TOM WAITS

Dream On by Aerosmith doesnt sound like it’s Tyler at all nowadays


Cedric :disappointed:


Donald Glover

Also Roddy Woomble


Joanna Newsom lost her Lisa Simpson squeak after the first album

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Babby Dilz

danny brown

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Ian Curtis on An Ideal For Living sounds nothing like Ian Curtis on Closer. Is that the sort of thing you were after?


Hayden Thorpe (of Wild Beasts)

Mike Patton. Thankfully that nasal whine he was doing on The Real Thing never really appeared anywhere else.


Billy Corgan dropped his early singing styles after the 2007 reformation and sings more properly now. While technically much better, for the most part it sounds worse and robs the music of emotional impact. I miss the regular guy who was singing / screaming / straining as if his life depended on it.

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Dylan Baldi basically goes from teenager to adult between Cloud Nothings’ s/t and Attack on Memory.

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Outside of someone growing up, the biggest change I can think of is Scott Weiland’s progression from Core / Purple to Tiny Music. It’s like a different person singing, he was so versatile.

Is it just me or does Ought’s singer sound very different on the new one from the debut? (Haven’t got round to listening to the second one yet so I don’t know if I missed a more subtle transition)


His is nearly unrecognisable after Hope is Important. He doesn’t even try to sing the old stuff the same as it was recorded. Fair play.


Yeah, he’s singing in a seemingly less natural, lower voice. He broke it out for a moment on the second song of the second album.

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Siouxsie Sioux.

Didn’t he changed very much, just slightly toned down the ridiculousness a little bit

Paul Weller used to have a distinctively British singing voice when he was in The Jam, but like most elder statesman Brit rockers it drifted across the Atlantic. I think the rot set in with the Style Council - is it not possible to sing soul without trying to sound like Otis or Aretha?

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I noticed on the newer Manics stuff James Dean Bradfield’s voice has definitely got a bit lower, or maybe weaker. Not sure. Still sounds great, but it’s definitely aged.