Single director anthology movies

not seen a lot of these, but I tend to prefer them to regular features. maybe attract slower paced movie makers- reichardt, jarmusch. seem to be more prevalent now. what you sayin? faves please. ones I can remember…

tales from the golden age. Romanian cinema is the best.
certain women. perfect tone of humour and melancholy.
night on earth. defo go another watch of this, been a while
storytelling. same as night on earth.
wild tales. crowdpleaser, everyone likes this.
Arabian nights 1, 2, 3. slow, but well worth sticking with.
coffee and cigarettes. par for the course jarmusch (good).
a touch of sin. not on board with the hype for this, but was good. don’t think the stories were linked.

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Does Dekalog count?

do those lots of characters, vaguely interlocking narrative films count? like, Nashville, Shortcuts, Slacker, uh Babel, etc?

here are some I’ve seen:
Black Sunday - one of the most classic European gothic horror films I guess, probably one of Bava’s best.
Tales from the QuadeaD Zone - wildly incompetant horror anthology. pretty entertaining. there aren’t a huge number of black horror directors; it’s notable for that. obviously I couldn’t really recommend it, so I’m not sure what I’m typing this
Phantom of Liberty - a few great moments; nowhere near the top of Bunuel’s oeuvre though.
Chungking Express - pretty good as far as I remember. Does it count? I can’t remember

I don’t think I really like them in general, so these maybe aren’t great suggestions

Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith.

That the sort of thing you mean?

almost always underwhelming

Pulp Fiction if you’re going in that direction. Don’t think it counts though.

I mean feature length movies with separate standalone plots, the characters in the segments aren’t connected.

not too far away, but no- it’s a tv series and the 2 movies from it were only one narrative each. love it though.

great shout for phantom of liberty. I should watch again, chungking express too. maybe even report back here.

I like horror portmanteaus. Dead of Night, Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror, that sort of thing.

From Beyond the Grave is really good.

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Wild Tales is brilliant, 2015 Argentinian film made up of 6 stories of darkly comedic revenge. Each is longer than the last, the first is 5 minutes and the last is about half an hour, so it proper draws you in

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I get the names mixed up, but is that the one with Peter Cushing doing an amazing Yorkshire accent?

yup, more evidence that everyone likes it. didn’t remember every segment getting longer, good one.


No, theo!!!

Heh. Took long enough.

Yep that’s it, the one where he runs a crumbling antique shop.

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watched this a few weeks back. it was quite odd seeing Steven King in it as a bumbling yokel