Single Song Thread (SST): Last Resort - Papa Roach

This thread is a place where you can talk about the song Last Resort by Papa Roach.

If that’s still not clear enough, then this may help clarify the acceptable and non-acceptable things to chat about in this thread:

Papa Roach’s other songs :x:
The song The Last Resort by Eagles :x:
The album The Last Resort by trentemøller :x:
Cockroaches :x:
Other nu-metal :x:
Other songs with badass guitar riffs :x:
Other songs with memorable lyrics :x:
Papa Roach members who weren’t in the band at the time that this song was made :x:
The song Last Resort by the band Papa Roach :white_check_mark:

Let’s chat.

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The song Last Resort by Papa Roach
  • I like this song, what a riff!
  • My opinions are misguided

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First single I ever bought as a nipper, not really my thing these days.

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always found it quite odd that the word ‘fuck’ got censored on tv/radio when the whole song is a very graphic depiction of suicide


The YouTube video has an explicit warning about this

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That riff

Anyone else here from MTV2?


The OG


Fun fact #1

  • Do you hear a hip-hop influence in this song? Esperance says they were listening to acts like Wu-Tang Clan and Fugees at the time, and East Coast hip-hop inspired the writing of this song. “We were sampling classical music behind simple pocket grooves,” says Tobin.
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Fun fact #2

  • Papa Roach dropped an updated version on January 27, 2021 recorded with TikTok star Jeris Johnson. “Last Resort (Reloaded)” features new lyrics written and sung by Johnson, who came to Papa Roach’s attention after he posted his own remix of the 2000 nu-metal classic.

Never realised how close those intro notes are to Green Day’s Brainstew / Jaded


This is horrible in at least four ways.

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Name them

  1. He’s made me feel bad about the Jammie Heart Biscuit I had from Gregg’s with my lunch.
  2. Despite his superior physique, he’s playing with 90% jaw.
  3. Guitar tone.
  4. Riff, shmiff. Without any vocals, Last Resort by Papa Roach is considerably too long.

As an aside, I’ve decided it’d be good if his name was ‘Guitar Tone’. Short for Guitanthony Anthony.


Fun how in a world where tunings got lower and lower and then even dropped then lowered some more, this was in standard tuning.


Bunch of squares!

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ruddy brave if you ask me!

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Any excuse


I thought this song was shit in 2000 and I think it is shit now