Single-use Plastics

Starting to find that I am disposing of far too much of this. I buy a lot of 500ml still waters, and a fair percentage of my food packaging seems to be single-use.

Any tips on where to shop, brand, supermarket initiatives etc would be appreciated.


Bit of a tangent. Today I heard that the US military is the biggest user of petroleum in the whole world and their emmisions figures aren’t captured and dont apply to the targets.

What’s the point in anything if that’s the case.


Get some of these for starters.

Got a Chilly’s water bottle which I try to take everywhere, only problem is when you need to buy more water.

I never used the placcy bags for veg in a supermarket. Just bung it all straight in the trolley, it’s fine


Noticed the other day that in Tesco they have very little loose fruit and veg - most of it is in plastic bags. Disappointing.

Currently trying to reduce my coke consumption, partly for this reason and partly because I drink too much of it - not carrying bottles with me yet, but I’m using one at work.

It’s the one thing I really hate about online shopping is all the veg coming in plastic. Usually leads to extra food waste as well because you can’t buy stuff by the each and have to get pre packed stuff.

I go to my local grocer and get a weekly veg box from my local organic co-operative because I’m a cunt

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Reducing single-use plastics often means taking the same measures as you’d taste to reduce your bills and waste, eg:

Meal-planning, bulk-buying, batch-cooking, not buying individual food and drink items from shops etc.


We’ve started shopping at Morrisons. They’ve replaced all the plastic bags with paper bags at nd everything in their produce section is available loose. And they’ve got rid of the bags for life.

Honestly the bags for life is the biggest scam ever. We just swapped to worse plastic bags and more cunts use them like that. It’s baaad lads.


It can become really satisfying to phase things out, especially if you can replace them with something quite pretentious. EG…

I’ve stopped using disposable razors, and switched to a safety one with a badger hair brush. Blades are really cheap and all recyclable.
Binned off shower gel/shampoo and just use poncey soap.
Got a nice Kleen Kanteen bottle and never buy bottled water


It depends where you live really. You can usually find places that offer refills on things but they tend to be vegan supermarkets or littlw independent stores. Remember you can take bottle tops to Lush who will recycle them, reveal large branches of marks and spencer now offer recycle points for food packaging that isn’t always accepted by the council.

Basically you need to avoid supermarkets, go to a green grocers for veg, but a reusable bottle (a metal one later longer and doesn’t yet more plastic), I use castille soap for pretty much every cleaning use I can think - washing up, washing clothes, as a cleaning spray, and use white vinegar for cleaning windows etc so instead if tons of cleaning products I have two natural ones and that drastically cuts down on plastic. Not plastic but when a theory wears out I cut it up for clwnakng cloths that I wash and never buy disposable ones. Bake my own bread so that avoids stupid bread plastic bags. When I think of a better list to help you I will but I just try to buy natural wherever I can on all respects which largely also cuts out plastic in the process.


Any tips on bin liners? I have a bad habit of using old carrier bags and need a better option

Oh and I make soy wax cloths to replace clingfilm.

Sounds really stupid but it wasn’t until recently that i even realised stuff like crisp packets were also plastic waste. That’s definitely my downfall, otherwise my household is largely plastic-free.

This the It Could Happen Here podcast?

Blimey, it was depressing eh

Yes. It’s absolutely insane. Worse than any talk of the potential of us civil war.

I buy mine locally but you can get a lot of compostable ones online

Was else was there, like all of the world’s topsoil will be unusable by 2060 or something? It’s just beyond scary.

Walkers do a recycling program. And are also trying to make plastic free packs.

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Paper bags take more carbon to produce than plastic and produce a greenhouse gas if they end up in landfill.

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