Sinister animals



Horseshoe crabs. Clearly designed by HR Giger.

[details=Creepy legs][/details]


Angler fish. Always Angler fish.


Absolutely love horseshoe crabs. Was so intrigued by them as a kid.


I am staying the hell out of this thread.

I hope it goes superbly for those of you who participate in it however.






Spotted handfish always look like they’re up to something:

Saw-tail ribbonfish too.


The aye-aye


Should be called the ear-ear


“The Balding Ear-Ear of Madagascar”


I really like sloths, but they are extremely sinister. I reckon they’re just like the serial killer in slasher flicks that, even though they move slowly, always seem to catch the victim up.

The difference is once they catch you, instead of killing you, they’ll just stroke your face with their long tendrilly nails.


Just slowly lick your face in a confused sort of way, like a very stupid dog.



That Drop Bear is certainly planning to drop on its victim from a great height.


koalas would kill us all if they had the chance / could be bothered



OMG, so much. That finger!

I like how it looks like it’s pretending it’s got a fake witchy nose -