Sinister Pop-up Question

I’m getting a GDPR style pop up everytime I start my lap top.

It purports to be connected to a website but it’s there before I even start my browser. There’s nothing in the text that suggests where it’s actually from. There’s an X to close it in the top right and also I can click to Learn More, View our Partners or to Agree and Close. I’ve clicked the X each time so far.

Any ideas? My anti virus gubbins isn’t detecting abutting but it all feels very suspect.

RIP saps etc, obvs.

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As long as there’s no abutting I guess.

I’d agree and close

Not something I’ve heard of, but I’d give it a scan with this -



Thanks. I have Malwarebytes and it hasn’t found anything.

I don’t understand where it’s coming from.

You on Windows 10?

Try opening Task manager and looking through everything on the Startup tab for anything you don’t recognise. On older versions of Windows, go to Start > Run > Msconfig and look through the startup stuff there.

Just referring to this m9

Just ignore me and do whatever the nerds say.

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it’s ok, looks like they respect your privacy so there’s nothing to worry about


Ah, the perils of posting from a phone :slight_smile:

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looks a lot like the one you get on, though it’s probably a generic box that loads of sites use


Thanks, couldn’t see any issues there.

Had a look googling the the message title and stuff but nothing is coming up.

Would maybe suggest:

  • Open Task Manager while the popup is there and see what is currently running in case there’s anything obvious
  • Ordering add or remove programs by ‘installation date’ and seeing what you might have installed recently around the same time as the box started appearing
  • biting the bullet and clicking ‘learn more’ to see where it takes you in case that gives you any hint
  • possibly doe ‘view our partners’ in case that offers other pieces of information.

Good luck, I hate this shit.


Nah it’s fucked, throw it in the skip


My hunch is that all posts by saps in this thread after the OP are actually by whoever has stolen his identity. Approach with caution!


If @Saps is the real saps, then there’ll be a new case for the squad to solve soon.

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