Sit up straight!

Shoulders back.
Bet you were hunching, weren’t you?

This thread is a friendly reminder to sit up straight and stop doing your back a mischief.

Also, have you had a little walk around recently? Why not get up and do a few stretches?

Love you x


Sorry :frowning:

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Sorry Miss :grimacing:


Don’t think I ever sit even vaguely straight. If I make it to being very old I am going to have the worst spine.

I only sit up straight for a couple of minutes a day, when my back starts screaming at me and I realise I’m hunching, then I forget about it again :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I got a lumbar support thing and it doesn’t feel supportive but it is making me sit up straighter. Is that the point? Dunno.

alright, the recording sampled by the Books for their track ‘It Never Changes to Stop’

I think I’ve done a right number on me back today

I’ve been hunching.
Going to go do a few stretches, you should too.

I hope your back is feeling better than it was last week, Manches?

It is! I grabbed a chair from downstairs and found a place to jam it in.


My bedroom just looks really ominous now with a big work computer propped in front of my tv and a garden chair wedged between my bed and my pants drawer

Is there any floor space or do you just walk across the chairs to get from one side of the room to the other?

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yes just had a bath followed by some stretches and a little game of throwing a grapefruit into the air and catching it and winding it between my legs and behind my back

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