Site ads


Just noticed these today. They’re absolutely fine. Unobtrusive, don’t seem to have broken the site, no complaints whatsoever.

Two thumbs up.


I know the idea has been floated before, but what were the general thoughts on an option to pay monthly and have it ad free? Or is that too complicated?

I’d be tempted if less than a fiver and to support the site.


Dunno mate, it’s not my website.


Sounds like you’ve been reading about How Duncan Bannatyne Makes His Money.


I got an ad for Single Muslims today.

I don’t know if that means I’m selling or looking.


Adds seem to have been sorted. Manageable banner adds not the floating disasters that were running about a while back.


There is possibly a way to do it with the new forums but considering I can’t even work out how to stop people editing subject lines, I’m not in a hurry to do it.


Fair enough!




Well it was nice while it lasted, eh.


Unusable at the moment. I’ve clicked this Audi ad about 5 times so far.


Yeah the Audi ad’s making the site pretty much unusable, blocking out the top navigator bar. @sean


Yeah it’s good bants trying to click near the top of the site without clicking on the Audi ad


I’d like the ads to be a little bigger, if anything

fucking hell! borderline unusable

possible deal breaker too. bullshit


fyi @Berrrk


@sean I think we need to ask the ad agency about this.


In the meantime I will remove the script that allows these to be inserted


it’s no MAZDA MX5


Hi all,

Please see an update about this in this thread New DiS ad is fucking up mobile view


I keep clicking on the unread link in the menu and it’s taking me to the gigantic Audi advert site.

Obviously ad revenue is important to keep the forum running, but this is breaking the site.

Would wee ads only be ok?