Site broken for anyone else?

Thank you for investigating this. I believe @edsymington is attempting to re-implement these ads today. Hopefully he will be in touch if there are any queries.

Is there a best practice guide anywhere for implementing CSS changes/advertising?

Just a general suggestion that everyone with these issues clear all their cookie data and close down all browsers before trying to access the site again. Caching of JS etc could be the problem now, I think.

Still happening for me, albeit less. Cleared cache/history and reset browser as well. :confused:

Hmm, I haven’t used the site much on my Mac. I’ll give a go later. Do you have the latest version of the OS (because this is what I have)?

yep, fully updated os, fully updated chrome.

You don’t still have @j0hn’s blue-dot fixing plug-in install for our domain by any chance do you?

I did, but I also removed that to make sure it wasn’t interfering as well :confused:

Same for me, also Mac / Chrome hybrid

Guys, just get a PC. Problem solved.


Guys, just use Safari. Problem sorted.


@edsymington has now turned off all of the CSS and Javascript edits that added the advert tags. It all ok now if you flush your browser cache?

@Sean I can see actually there is some kind of error on the site:

This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources

Ok. Even thought the customisations from w00t and I think one that @j0hn added for hiding images were not enabled, they may still have been working so I have exported and deleted them.

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So far ok for me, will keep you posted.

Please see an update about this in this thread New DiS ad is fucking up mobile view - #10 by sean

Yeah, I know it’s all broken now. Disabling ads again.

This site is working properly for me in Mozilla as well as in chrome. And I love the graphics of this site.


I’m not seeing all the posts in a thread until I reply
in this thread I could not see below the thread of Elthamsmateowen that I replied to, until now.

this is still happening btw