Site broken for anyone else?



@discourse are you able to advise on this at all?


Chrome on Android, and Chrome on Windows 10.

I mean, maybe, but I’m not going to use one browser for one site and a different one for everything else. Especially not on mobile.

Do you need anything tested on different browsers?


a) chrome on win 8.1, chrome on android.
b) well yeah, but no.


chrome on mac
chrome and safari on iphone


Chrome on Android is definitely supported. How can we reproduce what’s
reported here, what are the steps? Load a particular topic? Click or tap
something in particular?

This version of Discourse is from 7 days ago, perhaps we’ll deploy latest
soon and see if that helps.


Chrome on Windows 7 is giving me the most trouble.

This topic for example: Rate every season of a drama series you like

When I first entered that link into the reply box, the preview box displayed this:

When in the thread itself, replies are duplicating and replacing other posts, like this:

Sometimes when clicking on the reply button, to reply to a user’s post, no reply box opens at all. I get the flash of a blue outline around the reply box, but nothing else happens.

When liking posts, the heart symbol turns red but the actual like counter won’t increase by one. Sometimes when liking one post, the heart symbol of a different post will turn red. Similarly, when I try to reply to a post, often the reply box chooses a random other poster than the one I intended.

Some posts disappear and turn blank, like this:

Generally, the more time I spend in a thread without refreshing, the more things go wrong. Such as even the original post disappearing:

No immediate pattern between which threads go bust and which don’t, but I’m getting something a little weird in the majority of them.


Chrome on Windows 10,
Firefox on Windows Vista.

It seems to be fine running on Chrome on my Android (running Marshmallow).


I’m redeploying and investigating the cause right now!


Okay, it’s now deployed on the latest version. I did see some errors but can’t see them anymore. Can people confirm if it’s working better now?


These pics have done me :joy:


Still happening for me. Especially thread loading issues and replying to the wrong person (I had to refresh 3 times to get this to reply to you and not @1101010 for example)


Okay I’m seeing it again too. This is so weird - I wonder if there’s a plugin or something active I’m not aware of.


I’ve moved this to site feedback forum in case anyone wonders where it has gone



I feel bad, and I appreciate it’s being looked in to!

@eviltrout, definitely don’t stay to work on it, have a nice evening and look at it tomorrow or whatever. (Although @sean might have other ideas)

I did deliberately put it in social originally so more people saw it so you could get more feedback - obviously now makes sense to move it.


Oh don’t worry! It’s only 11:20am in my time zone, so I have plenty of time left today to look at it :slight_smile:


Perfect! I expect it all to be in perfect working order in time for tomorrow’s daily thread then :wink:


something i’ve noticed when scrolling through a thread is that in the top right of a post it will show that the post is a reply to someone else, but then that little in reply to bit will fade out and disappear. not for all replies though, a lot of them stay as they are. this might be related to the option @sean accidentally turned on once before that meant replies that are just below the post they’re replying to won’t show as a reply to it (not sure why that option even exists tbh)


oh and we’re also out of earl grey teabags in the regulars lounge, if someone could get on that asap.


Okay @sean I’ve confirmed the problem is your site customization javascript. It’s doing something with google tags that is modifying the DOM and breaking our Javascript.

I temporarily disabled it and the problems went away for me. I suggest you remove that Javascript and maybe we can figure out another solution for your ads?