Site broken for anyone else?

fine for me. though when you navigate a thread by clicking to see replies it has loads of blank posts and moves about a bit.

I would say this isn’t ‘fine’ though tbf. It should work perfectly shouldn’t it?

Wonder if Sean still has the receipt.

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I clicked like on your post and then 3 ‘Reply’ buttons appeared above your post.

Then when I clicked to reply, more kept appearing :smiley:


fuck me! :smiley:


:smiley: is that real? @sean


Had to reload the page to actually reply, I could’ve kept clicking and got hundreds of em up I reckon


Whenever I check to see who’s liked something, it makes me like the post.

Then when I try to unlike it, it makes me like the next post down.

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Probably just users changing settings and expanding the “1 reply ^” bit

this too.

pretty frustrating tbh

It’s started happening a little less in the last hour or so, but still occasionally tweaking

Yeah, must be the users’ fault. Fuck 'em.

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Yeah I was thinking he must have just worded this poorly.

There’s no WAY he can really think this is our faults? :smiley:

I’d be VERY surprised if many of us have done anything in the settings?

I’m just trying to work out if it’s an actual issue or people complaining by making up an error. Which has happened before and I’ve spent £300 of money I don’t have getting developers trying to fix things due to a browser setting for 1 user.

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Back to the old site I reckon

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the multiple reply thing hasn’t happened for me, but pretty much everything else in here that people have mentioned has happened. It might well be a temporary glitch (it’s already happening less for me know) but I haven’t changed anything and it has happened on both desktop and mobile

It could be that they were hit like a lot of major websites looking at their Twitter @discourse

no way, hatfood’s still there

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Nah it’s definitely happening and the site has gotten a little nutty. When I tried to reply to you just now, it tried to direct the reply to someone else from the last thread I posted in.

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fingers crossed. Thanks for the update Sean.

Should have invoiced them and banned them if they didn’t pay up