Site broken for anyone else?



fingers crossed. Thanks for the update Sean.


Should have invoiced them and banned them if they didn't pay up


Think it's broken for me... The word jazz seems to be popping up in posts at random. It doesn't make sense. :confused:


Definitely happened my mate.

Will see if it happens again if/when it breaks again


Also whenever I click to see who's liked something, the DiSers who've liked it appear above the post instead of underneath it. Then after hiding it, it sometimes makes me like the post above and it doesn't let me unlike it.


Yeah, it's got worse as the afternoon has gone on.

I can't even reply to an individual post now - it replies to the post below instead.

I'm on Windows 10 with Chrome.


It's fine


Warey, Warey quite contrary :rolling_eyes:


...Jones, Jones, twat?





To be fair, it is fine for me too but then, I'm not seeing ads.


^So bloody uncooperative!


I didn't think it would be necessarily broken for everyone - but he was doing his tiresome contrarian shit he does, rather than just saying 'it's working for me' etc.




Reckon it's probably just fine then.


Seeing some ads but no issues with functionality for me on Android /Chrome or Windows 7 /Chrome


YES! fukcing love broken DiS


Got my first ad!

Fortunately I refreshed and the little blighter went away.



it's just done the like and reply thing when i tried to reply to the andy vine's 'gay cake' thread