Site broken for anyone else?



it liked the wrong post for me earlier in the food/hands thread and then someone's else reply appeared about 10 times. exited and re-entered though and it was working fine and has been since.


pretty much unreadable


oh yeah sometimes when i reply it will bring up my post looking all faded as if it's loading and trying to post it, while it appears in solid text below showing it has been posted. it did this a couple of days ago and i thought it was a symptom of my wifi being shit but it did it again a minute ago. have to exit the thread and re-enter.


I've noticed it too, things like going to heart something and it bookmarking it instead. I'm working on the ability to embed a GeoCities page into your own profile which may be related.

This guy code reviewed it and said it was all fine though haha



I went to click penoid's post in this image and was confused when an image opened



Yeah stuffs still really funky on my end too, hmmmmm


Basically unusable on mobile at the moment.


Yeah in the past half hour alone it's gotten really wacky on desktop as well. Maybe because more people have logged on? Either way I think I'll give it a break for a while.


Russell howard ad covering the menu bar

@sean how've you messed this up mate, it was working ffs !!!!


I’m really sorry everyone. I wasn’t aware changes were going ahead. This was all meant to happen on a development area, not the live site.


Managed to like my own post. Great new feature :slight_smile:


yeah it's been fucking up again for me today

was ok for most of yesterday


ok, the site is PROPERLY fucked for me today. Even constant refreshing doesn't fix these issues, which was working before.

(FYI @sean)



Same here!


It's happened again

If I keep clicking reply....



And now this


yeah I had that earlier too, just got to a point where it was loading the same three posts for infinity


No, that was just a genuine discussion about aggregate.