⚠️ Site certificate expired

Anyone know what this means?

I wasn’t sure, but the padlock is back this morning which seems good

Hey Sean

The padlock is basically validating a security certificate that verifies that the domain community.drownedinsound.com is who it says it is.

The certificate used by Disourse is generated by a Certificate Authority called LetsEncrypt. They provide certificates for free, but you have to renew it every 3 months. This is usually done by an automated process that LetsEncrypt provide useful tools that nerds like Theo and myself can setup. Usually we set them up to check the expiry date and renew in the last month.

In Discourse’s case, they provide lots of documentation on how to set it up when you’re hosting the community yourself, but as you’re on their hosted platform, I can’t find much info.

Anyways, looking at your certificate it seems that the renewal job has failed for the last couple of weeks as the expiry date has lapsed.

What this means is that while your connection to the boards is still encrypted, LetsEncrypt are no longer willing to verify that community.drownedinsound.com is the site it says it is.

What to do about it? Speak to Discourse support - they’ll be able to guide you on whether there’s a setting that needs changing on your admin panel or check the logs to see why their batch job failed.


You’re a good person @anon76851889


For what tis worth the site is showing as secure for me.

Chrome’s still giving me warnings on desktop browser, however Firefox Android doesn’t give a shit lol

This is the issue I’m having too of not being able to replicate it.

Wondering if it’s maybe related to the changes to the ad server.