Site not working due to DNS issue, now resolved but due to caching may take 24-48 hours to update for some

the site’s stopped working on mobile for some reason

It just gives the ‘Safari cannot open the page because it could not establish a connection with the server’ message. Everything else is connecting fine though

I’m on iPhone 13 Pro Max, running Safari in iOS 15.5

Working fine for me on an identical setup (although my iPhone 13 is not a max)

well that is very bizarre

how is this possible? Can my server/hub/ISP have suddenly started to decide to block DiS …but only on mobile?


We’ve finally triggered the Swedish secret service’s blacklist.


Ocram’s Razor here…If your phone and laptop/computer are connected to the same wifi network then chances are it’s something with whatever DNS server your phone is set to use not resolving DiS correctly

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I’m gonna try turning it off and back on again

this appears to have shifted the blockage

it now works again

the psychology of machines eh?


it’s gone again


It’ll be because Norway beat them at spirts again last night, they’ve gone into complete lockdown/blackout

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I just tried on my iphone 13 v15.5 in Safari and it worked just fine :woman_shrugging:t3:

Im getting this when i try to get through using my home WiFi all of the sudden using chrome (im currently using my data to access). Im on Android version 12 on a Samsung and Virgin media Internet.


It’s been off and on all afternoon

It wouldn’t let me access from my laptop just now either

Latest Firefox on a MacBook Pro (2019) showed me this

Will this even post?

I’m getting the same behaviour on my Android. Funnily enough it was working fine, but I decided to delete the temp files DiS was taking as Chrome told me it had cached 8.9GB of data from DiS(!) and once I cleared those files, I can no longer connect on mobile.

NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID means Chrome can’t connect securely, so blocks you from connecting as you can only connect via HTTP and not https.

Certificate from my mobile :x: :

Certificate from my laptop :white_check_mark: :

Still works fine on desktop though, even after I did something similar there too.

fucked for me too on all devices.

Alright, thanks for the screengrabs. Will look into it.


Yeah fucked on wifi for me. Fine on mobile data.

Chrome. Android.

Also fucked on laptop.

Fine on my phone (Android, Chrome)
But intermittently blocked on my PC, also Chrome.

My phone’s not connecting on mobile data but is on wi-fi

Sent from my iPhone

It’s working fine on my phone, and the community home page is working, though that night just be a cached version. All the posts seem to be from 3 hours ago.

Both are connected to the same WiFi connection.

UPDATE: Seems to be working now

This is the first I’ve been able to load the site in 3 hours

I’m on mobile now, it’s still blocking with the same ’potential security issue’ message on the laptop

Same problems unless I use a vpn from the uk, which I’m doing now