Sitting Down During Lockdown

How much of your day are you currently sitting down?

  • Never
  • A normal amount
  • Less than usual
  • Practically all my waking life

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Is your bum going a bit square?

  • Feels like it
  • Somehow acclimatising

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Walk for an hour, stand to cook for an hour, sometimes lie down to read. Otherwise constant sit

Weather is fucking my walks up big time, big time.


In the before time, I’d walk to work, walk up and down stairs in the building and spend loads of class time on my feet.

Now: Sit all day on my arse.

  • Sitting down will be the end of us all
  • It’s okay

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Sometimes I get a break from sitting down by lying down


Sit down at home after dinner so from 8-10. And also when driving…hour a day. Stand or walk the rest of the time.

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Reckon the data mining industry of our online platforms is fully aware of my increasingly sedentary nature and recalculating my death clock appropriately for their secret life insurance grifts.

I’m getting worried about how much of the next six months are going to be sat down, and how I’ll be working through all the daylight. Ideally I’d like to restructure my day so I go out for exercise before work and then during lunch again and work later.

This sounds like a good idea.

Want to get into morning runs. Got a lumie alarm off gumtree to help out

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Part of me wants to do this but also quite a large part of me doesn’t want to get out of a warm bed into the freezing cold, pissing wet dark winter morning to ruin my knees a bit


What’s a lumie alarm? One of those things that wakes you up when it’s light?

It’s a quite bright light that slowly turns on over the course of half an hour or so to wake you up. Have my normal alarm set to when it’s at full brightness, but makes a difference waking up in a bright room

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considering going full antimasker/covid denier tbh

reckon i’d be happier in the short term.

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What if it malfunctions and continues getting brighter until it’s as bright as a thousand suns


can send you a printable version of the magna carter for safe keeping


Maybe not tomorrow on the plane

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gonna fuck the economy tomorrow.