Sitting on the swings in an empty playground

as an adult

  • I do this sometimes
  • Never done it but I’d like to
  • I don’t do this

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Swing parks seem like dodgy places to me. Unsettling. It wouldn’t be me, not at all.

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big fan of sitting on a swing. maybe eating some chips. helps me clear my head for some reason


Haven’t been on a swing since the Korn debut came out to be honest. Terrifying!


That sounds nice. I’d worry that I was about to be attacked from behind by some youths though.



Watchin’ the ships roll in


Every time I go for an early morning park run I go for a swing after, its fun and a great way to cool down

I am permanently afraid that the youths are going to come and get me, so I swing regardless.

Bigtime gangs of youths in the evenings outside on our road at the moment, and I’m not liking it at all. Why do they all have electric scooters? How can they all afford them? Why are they all so confident? Youths.

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The saddest thing that I’d ever seen

Sitting on the swings in an empty playground


done this at least once in uni, altho that’s only pseudo-adulthood isn’t it

went for a walk with my friend Steve in the small hours because I was angry/sad about my flatmates being dicks, so we walked up towards Castle Hill and sat on swings on the hillside looking down into sleeping Huddersfield

but yeah, swings are theraputic

maybe the only thing in life that’s never failed me is swings

is it because it’s like being rocked like a baby do you reckon?

Only when I’m with the kids. Otherwise it would look very odd, a 45 year old man in a playground on his own. Leave the swings to the kids people.

I like the idea but I will never do it

give it a go eems

Unfortunately I’ve just pledged not to

This pretty much covers it