Like a good sit. Happily will just sit on a plane or train journey for hours without a suite of entertainment.

How do you sit, usually?

Usually sit slightly learned to the side, one foot resting on the other, and most bizarrely I’ve realised lately, hands clasped together up near my chin as if in prayer. There are photos of me as a kid doing it.

Lounge is completely free of people. There’s a single seater couch and a double seater available. You:

  • Lay across the double
  • Sit in the double but leave a space
  • Sit in the single

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Quite like the idea of being round someone else’s house and just laying across their sofa.

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Love a sit. Have a very comfy IKEA rocker I use. Our sofa is total shit and I can’t deal with how uncomfortable I am on it. The rocker allows me to slouch a little. Feet either on a footstool or like this, but if I’m on a comfortable sofa, I’ll sit with one leg under myself.

If I’m on a train/plane, will angle for an aisle seat cause I have long leggies.

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Depends on a few factors. Is the single seat a high winged seat? Who is likely to sit next to me on the double seat?

Does this mean armchair?

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Eating carrot sticks out a plastic bowl and sucking your thumb as well right?

Id call it a couch but maybe


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Sittting on one of these



I don’t mean to get all hot take-y, but I couldn’t possibly call anything designed to seat a single person sitting a couch.


Always go for the window seat because it gives me something to lean on and something to look out of

I’m sitting right now

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Anyway, my default sitting mode on non-dining chairs at home is to have my legs curled up under me, can’t abide my feet on the ground.

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Ideal world, get the window seat, nobody else sits next to you for the journey and you can stretch those legs, whilst admiring the view from the window seat

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Single seater couch



They’re both armchairs you silly man


Yep, both chairs. Sorry to have opened this can of worms in your nice sitting thread.

Quite like slumping in a big soft armchair with my legs over one of the arms