Wait, it’s not cus I’m usually too big.

Quite like draping one leg over an arm though


This is a good move. Big fan

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Hand behind head a la

  • Loads
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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Can’t wait to be a dad so I can pull an armchair far too close to the telly, smash the volume up for a film/match of the day, and fall asleep immediately

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Will quite often prop an elbow on the back of the chair next to me (pub, dinner table) regardless of if there is somebody sitting there or not

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Love a good countertop sit, one of the absolute best places to sit.

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Best legs position

  • Crossed in front of you
  • Crossed under you
  • On the floor
  • One on the floor, one crossed over the top of it
  • Dangling
  • Up on the sofa/chair
  • On a table/pouffe/footstool

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Great thread.

I have a fairly big comfy sofa, and my default is to sit on it with my legs on the matching footstool thing, one leg on top of the other, a couple of cushions under my lower back

Like this

Great thread.

I’ve got a lazyboy chair. Mid-afternoon i’ll get my slippers on, heat the room up a bit, turn phones and that off, turn off the lights, bung a podcast on quite low, smash the lazyboy back and sort of half-sit/lie with a big cushion over my face for an hour. Wavy as fuck.

I’m a big fan of sitting in alcoves in warm pubs with a pint of ale and reading. Find a warm boozer when it’s cold outside, a comfy armchair or alcove seat near a radiator, copy of When Saturday Comes, the Guardian or the Racing Post, table service. Bit of a nap. Get the fuck in.


Legs everywhere. Tend to find my left leg seeks cosiness under my right, although if there’s chance of a cat sitting on me I’ll consider sitting upright with both feet on the floor.

i can’t really sit anymore as it plays with the nerves in my leg. it’s most inconvenient.