Sitzpinkler [Audit]

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Bit late for the filth thread.

Don’t do it myself but the weird macho narrative behind something as arbitrary as how you piss can really get in the sea forever


Alright balonz.

That’s more like gartenpinkler though.

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Yes thank you very much! Garden pissing is very much an erect activity.

The board’s most prominent sitzpinkler is @Antpocalypsenow

Thinking of upgrading from occasional to always where facilities and hygiene standards will allow.

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Lonzy.

Yes, my name is Tone and I love to sit down to piss.


I’ve always known it as the more offensive French piss (no idea why - Mr France @xylo?)

does it count if you’re sat down for a shite anyways or are you only asking about independent pinklings

Think it needs to be independent, unless there are people who’d sit for a no. 2 and then stand for a pinkle?!?

That line in the inbetweeners about sitting down for a piss as an occasional treat is possibly the most well observed thing in literally any art form


Also standing up after certain conditions have been met is an a absolute faff cause you dont know where that goddamn maverick is going to hit

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Is this thread about pissing in the sink

Sit = sit
Pinkle = pee

In the a Balonz household growing up we would have a pinkle pause.