Six Best Places in England

Sissinghurst Castle, Kent
Trough of Bowland, Lancashire
Helford estuary, Cornwall
Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Painshill Park, Surrey
Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria

Not even the best trough!!

(I’m seeing Pere Noel at Painshill Park this year)

Surrey and Kent in there but no Yorkshire at all? Shove it up your arse, Guardian!

according to whom?

I think they have that spot on.

Says who?



My guess is that they were unable to split between the two ponds so left them off.

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They all look like very lovely places tbf

Balonz, have you been to Alice Holt in Farnham?

Yes I have.

A few times but not since the playground was done up but my wife has and she says it is decent. Lots of walks and bike rides round there plus a new cafe too. Very expensive to park though but you don’t pay anything else to get in.

Plus great access to Frensham Ponds.

Ah, cool. Trying to think of nice cheap things to do next week and it not too far from us.

Frensham Ponds suck maaaaan

I have been to two of these

Have you been to Bird World? That is pretty much next door. Not cheap though.

I think for Alice Holt it might be about £10 to park for the whole day.


Lynton and Lynmouth
That Edgar Allen pie themed pub in nottingham
Derwent water
Tate modern
Portsmouth historic ships area

Shit one more - wht sort of list comes in 6s??

Peak District

(I’ve only been to Frensham Ponds twice - once to each of them, actually maybe twice to the small one)

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You’ve never had an Egar Allen pie?

That’s the other plan. One of my wife’s friends has recommended it.

The ponds are fine really, but I’ve only been once, and then driven past a couple of times. That drive from Hindhead to Farnham is weird. Forest, forest, forest, sand dunes?, forest