Six degrees of musical separation has a fun game where you enter two artists and it’ll tell you how many degrees of musical separation there are between them

I have pretty much lost the last hour to this, and the best I’ve managed is five degrees (Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard to Mrs Mills).

Beat it first go with Black to Comm and World’s End Girlfriend


The Wolfe tones and Kanye are 3 steps apart



That’s amazing. Who would have thought you could get from The Smiths to 2pac in two moves?

Moor Mother and Johnny Cash is only three, but Moor Mother and Roscoe Holcomb beats it

Only 3 from Godflesh to Rick Astley

You can’t just make up bands, that’s cheating

5 from Black Lace to Archers of Loaf

I think DJ Shadow has featured in almost every one I’ve tried. He basically sampled everyone.

How is it 3 steps from The Bluetones to Kurtis Blow?!?

Also Mighty Mighty Bosstones to George Formby!

6 from Pye Corner Audio to Karen Gwyer.

Sure they will have played on a set together at some point though.

Really thought John Fahey and Kraftwerk would defeat it but only 3 steps

Took a couple of goes but Blind Guardian and Raime beat it.

only 3 steps from Ed Sheeran to Bathory

Same as Cradle of Filth to Lonnie Donegan


4 from the Banana Splits to Meshuggah

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Only 3 from The Wombles to Soulfly.


Good challenge this. My best is 5 going from Splodgenessabounds to Earth Leakage Trip

EDIT, just beat it with Splodgenessabounds to Paris Angels :smiley: :smiley:

Anal Cunt to Keane in 2! (courtesy of en Elton John cover)