Six Nations 2020

Open competition this year. Interesting to see how England get on after the WC last year, how Wales, Ireland and France get on with new coaches, Scotland wiping the slate clean after a disappointing WC and Italy preparing for life after Parisse, even though his not in the squad current expects to be called up for home matches apparently. Predictions, chat and whatever else obviously welcome

Let’s annoy @profk eh. And as always, this is Italy’s year

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Prediction every year: England :+1:

Result every year: England :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Not really up on it all now I’m not paid to be but just put £10 on an Ireland grand slam.

Looking forward to Cardiff being full of Welsh people who never normally see anyone except other Welsh people being racist, and English people calling the Welsh people sheep-related things, and not being able to go anywhere on match days because the city centre can’t really handle having an 80,000-seater stadium bang in the middle of it. Yay. Also, every fucker parks around where we live and walks into town (it is a nice walk, tbf) so our neighbourhood becomes a complete nightmare every match day.

At least Wales-England is an away match

We used to park the other side of the big park where the SWALEC is and walk in from there (was where my mate lived). That was a good walk and the pub near the cricket ground is alright.

Can’t wait to squeeze into my water-stained brown slip-ons and pop down to the boozer for a few pints of Marstons and a couple of hours of telling people i don’t know about my recent work bonus.

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(France will win it).

Hope so

That’s roughly where I live, Rich! You’re part of the problem! :wink: (Also, that pub is no longer alright as it has changed hands and become much trendier (i.e. shittier) and also the guy who owned it turned the house just down from ours into an AirBnb, evicting our very nice neighbour in the process).

But enough about my local parking issues, I’m sure there will be some good games - always like watching Wales in this tournament particularly, as it’s definitely the one we’re most fired up for.

Only did it a couple of times and never for 6 nations games. Once for a Blues game at the Arms Park and once for the European Cup final in 2014. Shame about that pub. Watched my Welsh mate (not really Welsh but reckons he is) get destroyed by a local for not really being Welsh. Was hilarious.

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Do you reckon all the business with Saracens might have an effect on England? Potentially awkward for the players I would have thought?

We’ve been chatting about this a bit. I don’t believe it will this season, but after they’re relegated, yes. Lots of Premiership clubs are bound to be operating close to the salary cap, so the only place to go is France or SH. Itoje, Farrell et al won’t want to be playing in the championship

What are the six nations in this event? This is rugby right?

Might try and catch a feed here in the USA.

Lundy Island

4 of these may be false

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Don’t think I’ll get a feed of that shite :smile:


England - the big baddies, usually favourites or thereabouts, everyone hates them.

Scotland - plucky underdogs, almost always even shitter than they should be, occasionally raise their game against England because they hate them.

Wales - smallest nation but punch well above their weight in recent years. Almost always raise their game against England because they hate them. Very successful recently, rugby is a national obsession but only for about 2 months a year.

Ireland - solid and very good team. Usually there or thereabouts, usually raise their game against England because they hate them.

France - they are very french. Swing wildly from magical to dogshit with little inbetween. Usually raise their game against someone but impossible to tell when or who.

Italy - not very good, they rarely win ever to be honest. Don’t even raise their game against England and don’t even think they hate them that much!


Cool. I think I’m going to route for Wales!


I bloody love France and the fact that it’s totally impossible to figure out whether you’re going to get swashbuckling Gallic magic or pub team horror.


You picked the team with the best national anthem for sure

Also, for evidence of the antipathy Wales feels towards England at the Six Nations, note the title of the video


Really can’t stand the thought of bellends chanting at the French and Italians this year so sacking it off (except for the England game obv where we absolutely have to bounce you as always)