Six Nations 2021

Anyone bothered this year?

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will fill a couple of hours.
hopefully we can knock fuck out you brexit bastards :joy: :wink:

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Italy started well then. They need to get gone from the tournament

Fuck, just realised this means that c**t inverdale is gonna be on the tele. Prick.

Frustrating to watch. Not untalented but they make so many silly errors

@discobot roll 1d6

:game_die: 4




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Around 5yrs ago they were making some good progress. Competitive, played some nice stuff, but they have regressed so far now.

I have some French colleagues and they all think it’s theirs to lose this year

Wasn’t there talk about arranging a similar tournament among lower level national teams, and relegating the last-placed team (ie. Italy) with the winning team of the other tournament?

That sounds like a good idea.

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anthems are so awkward without the crowd

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Struggling to get excited but I don’t think that’s the rugby’s fault. May improve.

Yeah, this has been floated, but I’m not sure that it’ll ever happen. There’s the Rugby Europe International Championship which is a multi tired championship consisting of tier 2 and 3 nations. That what Italy would be relegated into, and Georgia promoted from.

I don’t know, but I feel like Italy arent going to develop any further and are now viewed as a bye week essentially, or a chance to run development talent in an international tournament, and as the show piece northern hemisphere tournament, it devalues the six Nations a bit.

Would love to see them kick on, and thought they may have under Connor O’Shea, but nope


super league grand final fan but six nations is class :clap:

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Don’t we all.

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'Mon Scotland!

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I tend to think the promotion and relegation idea is a good one in terms of developing Tier 2 nations, but I don’t think it will happen ultimately as if one of the big sides happen to have a bad tournament one year and end up with the threat of getting relegated I doubt that’d be allowed to happen due to the effect on viewing figures without them in the tournament (particularly as it’s also likely to move at least partly to pay per view in the near future). Maybe I’m being unduly cynical, but…

The intersection of us being pretty bad atm and no fans makes me care about the hand egg probably the least in ages (still need to beat the English as always).