Six Nations


Six nations starts tomorrow and I can’t be the only person that’s excited about spending my next few weekends in the pub. Can England continue their winning streak? Which France is going to turn up? Will there be a grand slam? Who’s going to make the Lions squad?

Who do you support

  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • France
  • Italy

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  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • France
  • Italy

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Can’t wait to win the 6th nations this year, it’s been too long

  • i only watch international rugby
  • tory

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Would love a good Scottish performance this year. Like, not just like last year where we played well and didn’t get the results, like actually take points off Ireland and Wales at home, beat France away. It’s doable!

Anyone but England for the championship but can’t see past them to be honest. If Ireland get the wind in their sails then who knows.


how dare u

  • I care about Rugby Union in any way whatsoever
  • I am not a tory

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so like every year then


Aye, but there has been a gradual improvement. Wasn’t so long ago we were praying not to lose to Italy and avoid the wooden spoon.


is it possible to vote twice in a poll?

also not sure why you have conflated these things into one poll tbh tbf tbh

rugby is ace, but call me a tory & I will stab you in the face


I reckon Scotland will do better than most people expect this year, club teams (well, glasgow, let’s be honest) doing v well in the European competitions
some cracking young players, an exciting back three, a reliable goal kicker…


you mean we finished 4th :smiley:


I think Scotland will finish above Wales this year. So 3rd will come down to playing France away/Bonus points.


baby steps :slight_smile:


I don’t support Wales per se, but they’ve by far been the most likeable side over the last decade or so, so i like them the most. Kind of enjoy seeing England fail, tbh, and get the impression this is quite common. Do like the current coach, though, so if it looks like they’re going to win the thing i’ll ditch Wales for some unashamed bandwaggoning. Don’t really know what i’m watching, tbh, just love the narrative of sporting tournaments. Obviously it’s not proper rugby, but it’ll do.


Italy is my second favourite team after Wales. When I first got into rugby it was fun watching them because they’d make lots of blatant mistakes that even I, a complete newcomer, could tell was not how you did things. It brings me such genuine joy every time they do well.

I don’t have many people here to watch the rugby with though, so Six Nations isn’t as big of a deal for me anymore as it used to be. There are pubs here that show the games and have lots of people coming in though.


Come on now you


Hey Severed, apologies if we were odd/off etc.
My pal was blazing with about 30mins sleep so I am keeping him at arms
Length from everyone today :slight_smile:


Ha it’s fine mate, I kinda guessed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Inverdale - cunt

  • Rugby league
  • I am not from the north of England

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