Size specific produce

Ever seen a halloumi in a mainstream shop that isn’t 225g? What the fuck is that about? What if I want a big halloumi? I know I could buy two but you could apply that logic to any old shit yet you can cheddar in varying sizes.

You know what enrages me? When recipe writers give quantities that do not correspond neatly to the quantities in which those things are usually sold. I’m sure you’ve come across this and an example from me is not required

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Why does wine think it deserves to use cl instead of ml

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500g of pasta, which is enough for like 3 people with no leftovers. What. Is. The. Point.

How do you feel about mixing your pastas? I don’t feel good about it but I’ve done it.

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I’ve seen this but don’t have a specific example either.

I hate it to be honest, would rather have less pasta than mixed pasta, or no pasta at all

I feel like I’ve done a shit in the pan balonz. Does not feel good at all.

Pasta recipes for 4 will frequently tell you to cook 400g of pasta, or even less. No sane human would do that

But sometimes fate decrees that we must do it… apart from avocado.

However I do not believe I have ever mixed short and long pastas and I do not believe I ever will.

Just feels like I’ve fundamentally failed as an adult. Plus (and hopefully one of the science crew can back me up on this) I think different shapes cook at different speeds.

I hate when cereal proudly boasts of containing 12 bowls worth.
Stuff of fantasy.


It’s a real disaster when you have two different ‘speed’ pastas and then when you put the second lot in it’s temperature stops the water boiling for a bit. Fucking nightmare.

My dad used to mix breakfast cereals if there was only a small amount of one left. Like rice krispies in with corn flakes and bran flakes. It was horrifying.

That is some solid gold dadding right there.

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Feta is always 200g

I’d love a massive block of feta.

good lord no. I’m not a complete savage.

just a bit of fusilli mixed in with the penne. (I feel dirty typing that)

pre-rolled puff pastry sheets - 320g