Size specific produce

Yeah it cuts both ways, it’s the tyranny of the 225g that I resent.

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You can get mozzarella in different size packs, so that’s something at least isn’t it.

wait @tricklenipple, could work your big vegetable thread into here?

pre lockdown burger king introduced the chilli halloumi king, what I wouldn’t give for one of those right now

I suppose.

good idea

if anyone is interested in produce that is not of a specific/standard size, please visit the large produce (rolling) thread.

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Sometimes you get a 335ml can of drink and it blows my mind

Whoever cuts it up gets the bonus slice. Simples

355 isn’t it? Let yourself down there.

Sorry how much pasta are people eating here?

35cl can:

I don’t actually mind the size being a little bit different. What I do mind is that it doesn’t fit in the shelf of my beer fridge designed for 330ml cans

Not just me. Everyone. Sorry everyone.

but it’s already cut. What further cutting is happening here?


I would suggest halfing that

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Thank you for your suggestion.

Someone’s done a thread already

I thought you meant one of these. Do you not cut it up into individual slices? Do you just tear and share?

just tear and share, round these parts. I’m not one for adding to the washing up load by dirtying a bread knife, and you’d better believe I’m not cutting bread with a non-bread knife.

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half a paaaarrrndd