Skee Mask

Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but Skee Mask released a surprise album, and frankly it’s pretty bloody good. Pretty long (1h 45m), but pretty bloody good. I’m about half way through and still really enjoying it.

Also at £15ish, it’s also pretty bloody expensive too for a digital download.


Almost 2 hours of Skee Mask music sounds like a dream. It’s not on streaming at all yet, right?

Nope, Bandcamp only I think.

Compro is one of my favourite albums of the last decade. I’ve never used bandcamp before so sorry for the stupid question but if I buy it can I play it on through my phone?


Through the Bandcamp app, yeah.


I ordered the vinyl from Bandcamp it cost a fortune with shipping from EU and Tax etc. But I’m buzzing to receive it. It’s sold out now so I’m glad I took the plunge and clicked buy!

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No fillers though. All the tracks are 4-6 mins long. No 30 second interludes or spoken word stuff just track after track.

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It’s rare that I hit repeat after a near 2 hour long album, but that’s just what i’m about to do in 10 minutes time.

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The Scooby Doo sample on Collapse Casual is pretty cool!

Listened to it a couple of times now and agree it’s great. I was tempted with the vinyl but just a bit more expensive than I could justify.

Yeah I initially baulked at the price, but after a few listens forked out for the vinyl with download. I’m not going to gigs after all.

It’s a looooong album which will take time to properly sink in, but there’s loads of quality on there already.

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When you buy off band amp you also get the mp3 to download

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He’s incredible. Never pulled the trigger on a record so quickly. You get streaming through the app on Bandcamp, and also WAV/FLAC’s. No brainer.

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It’s very good but I think it is possibly too much music to digest, certainly in one sitting.

This is very good, going in for a second listen now. CZ3000 Dub was a standout first time round, but as others have said theirs loads to take in and enjoy!

a thing here. Wasn’t really aware that he was ‘big’ even in a ‘within a certain genre’ sense. Just considered him another one of the Illan Tape gang really. (who are all pretty great)

Love Skee Mask, Listening to Pool now thru Bandcamp for first time.
Do you get limited amount of plays on Bandcamp and then need to buy the album to hear it again?

Yes. It’ll give you a warning when you’re a couple of plays away and then you’ll be locked out. I believe using Incognito type windows will get you around this. But that a) doesn’t work for the app, and is very clunky on phone browsers and b) is a bullshit move.

Cool, cheers!
Yep, Im buying it but just wondered if it should be allowing me to stream it all before paying

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He’s doing the Essential Mix tonight