Skepta ad on Chrome is causing grief


I’m not sure if this is a separate thing but there’s a significant lag between typing and being about to see what I’ve typed. I have to tab off this tab and go to another tab and back again in order to see what I’ve typed.


Another victim of thread title editing


I can’t even see my notifications :confused:


No, I get the same whenever the SKEPTA advert shows (on Chrome 44.0.2403.125). If he was as great as he claims, he wouldn’t need to advertise so obnoxiously.


i even turned on adblock specially (sorry sean) but Skepta seems to be immune to it??


oh i think it’s gotten rid of it now. let me know when it’s safe to turn it off again


It’s odd I’m yet to see it.


blud, just shutdown


just got it for the first time. quite irritating.


Its also hindering the site on Firefox


chrome only seems to be loading the first half of each thread for me. don’t know if that’s to do with the skepta ad or something else as the skepta ad is the only one i’m getting.


Hi All,

These adverts should be capped to showing just a few times per day, so if you ever have a problem just whack refresh.



I had it for about an hour when it first happened- not sure how many refreshes but I’d say at least 20-30. I don’t mind the adverts per se unless they interfere with basic functionality (which they were).

Problems are generally fewer now than on old DiS though.


They aren’t


Just pressed refresh five times to test it


I’ve asked w00t our ad agency to investigate.


w00t are they like