Been thinking a lot about Skepta recently. Lad’s doing well for himself, I wish him the best.

Anyone here like Skepta? Never actually listened to his music, where’s a good place to start?

I listened to Konichiwa (Mercury Winning Album!!!111) on Spotify.

I thought it was quite boring aside from the singles.

Apparently there’s a documentary you can watch. That might be useful for you.

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I think Konnichiwa’s great fun. A tight album that could be accused of being one note but for me just builds and maintains a certain atmosphere.

Could get old if it outstayed its welcome but luckily it just blasts past. Yeah, a switched on guy - happy for him.

Been funny in the last year seeing Irish kids get into grime because it’s a bit fashionable or maybe just having a moment, idk.

Yeah and I’m sure I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that you can download some stuff on iTunes too.

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I just find him annoying.
Always getting in the way, taking up more space than he really needs to.

That last record deserves every bit of praise it got
The old albums are literally some of the most embarrassing Ibiza-y dross of all time though

Thats not true. Both Greatest Hits and MIcrophone Champion have a bunch of great grime tunes.

Bump for the new album


Really like that.

Really rate this

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Liking the production on both tracks, especially the first