Who’s got a sketchbook? Let’s see some pages.

(I guess for interest of @chris-budget @AllOfThemWitches @penoid)


Haha aw I wish!! My sketchbooks were always really terrible!!! Just quick scrappy drawings and ideas for the final thing… I really envy those who had beautiful ones. Maybe I’ll make an effort to do one in 2017.


Well crack on with it, I need to see a beautiful example from you by the end of the working day (17.30 GMT).


Correction! I WILL start one in 2017!!


I’m waiting for an appointment with apple for them to tell me I’ll need to just buy another charger. Yaaay!! After that I’ll get right on it :smiley:


Most of my sketchbooks have doodles of details in them these days.


Found this pic from a while back. Lots of lurid marker drawings bleeding through to the next page.