Ski Sunday


Blue Monday
Fat Tuesday
Black Wednesday
Maundy Thursday
Long Good Friday
Soccer Saturday

(no I don’t like it when people start the day of the week on a Sunday but I didn’t want the thread title to be Blue Monday on a Friday)



Happy Mondays
Ruby Tuesdays
Ash Wednesday
Curry Club Thursdays
TFI Friday
The Saturdays
Super Sunday


Ffs - got excited that the new season might have been announced or something!


Is Ski Sunday rad enough for someone like you?


Sure - don’t really like watching snowboarding (boarder cross aside). Downhill skiing is the best.


Had you down as a moguls man


HAte the moguls




Feel a bit bad for the aerials lads, theyve been slightly eclipsed in recent times


Shouldn’t do such a stupid specialism then!


Is this about yoghurt?




Hey why is it so hard to get French Set yoghurts nowadays? Or am I just not seeing them?


Great question Shiggles. @GEOFF?


I guess the Greeks are the big boys now and in recent times the Icelandic have been trying to muscle in, no room for the French anymore.


Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit blue about the start of the working week, instead of calling the day ““Monday””, I’ll call it ““Funday””. Give it a try yourself sometime, it really helps a lot.


I wonder why Belind Carlisle’s Funday was Sunday.

As it happens I listened to Vacation by the Go-Gos this morning:


Do you mean The Bangles?


Oh fuck! I’ve lost it and am probably a massive, massive sexist who thinks all women look the same.


Bellend carlisle