Skill share offer: Knitting

Hi Dissers

I know there is a crafting thread but I thought a new thread might get to a wider audience. Hope that’s ok and totally fine if nobody is interested but I just wanted to put this offer out there.

I understand that a lot of people have got a lot less free time at the moment because they are now homeschooling kids, but I know some people have more time at home too. Knitting is my main hobby/obsession and I’m ok at it. I have been doing it every day for about 6 years. It has been incredibly good for my mental health in times of anxiety and I find it both soothing and sufficiently challenging to keep my brain occupied.

If anybody would like to either learn to knit or improve their knitting or has several half finished projects that they have abandoned because they have cocked them up, I’m happy to give help either via skype or by linking to helpful youtube videos or online resources.

If you need to get craft supplies then I would really ask you to consider using one of the bricks and mortar shops such as the fabulous Wild & Woolly in Hackney which has had to close its doors this week but is offering a full online service as long as the post stays open (with free UK postage for those that need it) or delivery by Uberknits bike if you live in a postcode local to the shop Browse the lovely British and European wool here

Finally if you just want recommendations for patterns (including free ones) or which wool to use then I can do that too but you won’t find anywhere better than the global community of 8 million knitters and fibre crafters.

At the end of a period of self isolation I can offer no guarantees your house will not end up looking like this:


Yay! A new pair or the other one to go with the previously knit one? :grinning: This is a great free sock pattern for DK weight socks. If you want to knit finer ones that you can wear in your shoes they also have a version called Rye Light. Let me know if you need any help with the North American terms e.g they call 4ply wool ‘fingering’. I know.

Let us know how you get on!

I think you would particularly like the welcome page on the Wild & Woolly website:


I could film how I set up a journal, though it’s really basic. can find resources too from people I follow on instagram