Skimmed milk

Is the least sexy drink

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Skimmed milf


Really bad product


Put a dash in your tea and it just does nothing but bring the temperature down a bit. Pointless thing for the science nerds to have invented


Might as well just use water.

Awful stuff.


Mankind’s lowest point, that invention. Absolutely foul.


Misery milk

What’s the point?

A very low ebb


I know it’s probably dreadful for the old ticker, but the odd bowl of cereal with cold sterilised milk - ooooft.

so used to semi now that sometimes having full fat milk makes me feel a little sick

  • sure, I relate!
  • no what no

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(before I became an oat milk wanker)

Sometimes only have full fat at work (school) and it’s not good in tea. Would take it over skimmed though and the coffee drinkers rejoice.

Semi-skimmed is better in brews, imho. Blue top for cereal and porridge, etc.

I fanny about with milk alternatives, and some of the sweetened ones are nice enough, but probably the sickest I’ve ever felt is seeing some oily oat or nut milk in a brew. Disgusting.

Skimmed is fine once you get used to it.

Been using it for years now.

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My food opinion thread today was gonna be milk

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I tried skimmed milk, but I think the difference in a brew between skimmed and semi is about fifteen calories. You burn five calories a minute just being on your feet. It’s not worth the misery.

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I’ll tell you what pisses me off even more than skimmed, that 2% stuff. Who the fuck is so precious that they need a mid-point between semi-skimmed and skimmed. The true snowflakes IMO


the only one that’s worked properly in drinks for me

I can only apologise

I use full fat milk at work because it makes being at work ever so slightly better

Please don’t, I’ve got another good one up my sleeve.