Skincare & beauty thread (rolling)


very much looking forward to contributing to this thread.

what have you been using?
what do you recommend?
what do you hate?

any skincare/beauty/makeup products allowed, but please keep on topic. selfies optional.


Got an extensive and highly involved Diprobase routine going on.


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Hello Noidzy, I recently purchased some moisturiser for the first time to help assist with the healing process following some sunburn. I have noticed a small increase in spots around my forehead since using it, is this to be expected? Any tips to avoid?


My wife gave me a good facial (role reversal, amirite ladz?) the other day. Can’t quite remember what it included but had some Clarins oil at the end. Amazing stuff.


So in love with Rodial rn. I got some of their super acid scrub in tkmaxx the other day and I’ve been using their stem cell cleanser with the oil. I had some samples of the dragons blood sculpting gel which is amazing, but not worth £80! I might get this though?

Nip and Fab seem to be doing the same things as Rodial but in cheaper looking packaging and for a fraction of the price so I might check them out when I get paid.

I’m off buying new makeup at the moment because my collection is getting ridiculous, but I’ve stopped using dipbrow for my eyebrows and started using a power. 10/10 would recommend.


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sounds like it’s not the right thing for your skin type. unfortunately you just have to keep trying things until you find something that works. may i ask what your skin type is normally (oily, dry, little bit of both, dehydrated, normal) and moisturiser it was?

certain ingredients can break you out, and depending on your skin type, certain ingredients can clog your skin up.

certain oils (rosehip springs to mind) break me out in loads of pimples in places i never normally get any spots, and i never get pimples/little whiteheads any other time (just hormonal cysts from the mouth down, lovely).


have you considered that maybe this isn’t the thread for you?


Dunno really, I feel like I have quite dry skin but I kind of like it that way? Never used a moisturiser/post-shaving balm or whatever that I haven’t found to make me feel a bit clammy and horrible.

The moisturiser was a L’oreal one


got a terrible case of combo skin,or whatever it’s called.

oily AND dry. the pits, man


that seems like a good enough deal, still haven’t tried rodial, but you never see it come down in price much, do you?

know someone who swears by nip and fab but, again, i’ve never used them before (only ever used liquid gold, stridex and sr skincare for chemical exfoliators/toners).

have also sworn off buying new makeup, apart from replacing things i run out of. i currently need a powder that provides a little bit of coverage (thinking the nyx matte not flat) and an eyebrow pencil (was using just shadow and gel my entire makeuping life until this year). interested in trying soap and glory’s brow archery or nyx’s microbrow but they’re always completely out of stock in every boots i go into, and online (boots and asos). :weary:


i swear by oils for sorting combination skin out. regulates the oil production while moisturising the dry bits.


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maybe try a bog-standard, inoffensive emollient? a lot of highstreet (as opposed to pharmacy) moisturisers, especially the ones for men, tend to be film-y.


Thanks for the tips!


it’s trial and error to find one that works for you. people with skin similar to yours generally swear by jojoba or grapeseed.

although you don’t have to hunt down/buy half a litre of oil from holland and barret, lots of pre-mixed ones avaliable in boots and superdrug, but some of them are really heavily scented. £4.99 £12.50 £14.99 £2.99 £3.95 (on offer) £7.95 (on offer) £16

wish this one wasn’t £25 :confounded:


l’oreal one has some good reviews. £13.33 (on offer)


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