Skindred Tour (with support from CKY)


what on earth?

Worst Artwork 2018

What’s the surprise? That CKY are touring again, or just the tour in general?


aside from that both bands are still going, woulda thought CKY were the bigger of the two


Skindred are a pretty big live draw thanks largely to their consistent smashing of main stage festival slots. Not a fan of their music but they’re a LOT of fun live.

As for CKY, they’ve had a lot of drama over the last few years. Current lineup, which put out an album in July, doesn’t even feature the singer from the 96 Quite Bitter Beings era, so they’ve definitely seen better days…


I’m really impressed Skindred are up to album #7, since they toured that first one for about six years…

Anyway: never underestimate the longevity of Kerrang bands.


Skindred are awesome live.


Couldnt think of anything worse tbh