Skittles all taste the same apparently

But the smell different so it’s why you taste them differently (colour too)

I just tested with a green one, eating it with my nose held then letting go. Yup, apple flavour only happened after.

But…smell is part of taste so then they are flavoured differently



Yeah that was my feeling but I guess it’s more that we mix both and call that taste, but taste is specifically what your tongue picks up.

I’d guess if I ate banana, strawberry and blueberry with my nose held I could tell the difference


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“Our sense of smell is responsible for about 80% of what we taste. Without our sense of smell, our sense of taste is limited to only five distinct sensations: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and the newly discovered “umami” or savory sensation. All other flavours that we experience come from smell.”


really need to test this by putting them up your nose only


Unami isn’t really a thing, imho.


Ooh so maybe only the texture would be different?

Smell the rainbow


No-smell test with a blueberry and a piece of red pepper: can definitely tell they are different but not sure if I could guess them blindfolded at all.

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I don’t buy this for a God damn second

You know what you have to do.

Become the scientist, do a blind taste test and strike down Big Skittle.

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What if you get Skittles for free?

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Theo, the classic one to do is cubes of potato and apple - without smelling them they’re apparently indistinguishable.

Also apparently even professional wine experts cannot reliably tell the difference between red and white wines when blindfolded, even when they can smell them.

Yeah I have seen that about wines.

Was discussing with someone how much vintage matters too.

Helloooooooo Theo!

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I think because we have expectations of how something tastes we’ll never really know unless it’s trying a very unusual food for the first time that we’ve heard nothing about.

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In Dutch, the word for potato translates to nature apple
In French, the word for potato translates to apple of the earth


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You never see them in the same room, do you