A skirt with shorts underneath. WTF? My daughter has these for school. Why not just shorts.


cos then it wouldn’t have a cool word


Can’t perpeutate the ol’ gender stereotypes that way though can they.


Imagine using a spork whilst wearing skorts!


what about skeet skorts?


I’m pretty pro skort cos I feel too exposed in shorts/jeans, but also sit like a man. So it’s the best of both worlds imo. Plus like @bamnan says, cool name :slight_smile:


what about if you had shoes but they had socks built into the insides for lazy people



What is that?


I’d buy them!


like skeet shooting wearing skorts


that’s just how australians pronounce skirt


I understand






The Afrikaans @shucks?


what if you had a tie that was really long and you could wrap it around your neck over the top of your shirt like a scarfto keep warm and it was called a sky!


HA! brilliant :smiley:


Now I’m singing The Impression That I Get in a shitty Saffer accent in my head


This doesn’t sound like any of your business (or particularly new)


He’s having to buy these for his daughter for school, so I think it is his business