Skunk Anansie

Anyone like Skunk Anansie back in the 90’s
I was listening to them today. Great voice. Good songs.

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Weak as I am, one reply for you


Hah! ‘Big Charlie Potato’ came on shuffle a few days ago, and I was remembering what an absolute belter of a voice she has. I loved their first album a lot, but was diminishing returns after that for me.

Still. Great voice.

Saw her at Phoenix festival back 20 years ago. Terrifying on stage but amazing as well…

I had Stoosh first and loved it, still listen to it every so often. Then a few good tracks off the 1st and 3rd, but the good tracks were really, really good. Cracking voice, but more importantly for me a really tight band. Definitely had their own style.

Utterly loved them as a kid. Paranoid and Sunburnt was one of the first albums I bought. Still partial to those first three records. Never bothered with the reunion album(s?), though I caught them live for a nostalgia trip and they still brought it on stage. Skin is an incredible frontwoman.

Think they just headlined Bearded Theory!

Their Acoustic Live show was on Sky Arts the other week, Skin was great on that, made me dig out some of there old albums again after watching that.

Paranoid & Sunburnt is one of the 10 albums I played the most in the 90’s. Still unmatched in their discography, IMHO.


Annoying name.


Was big into them but not sure I could listen again now. Still, they were pretty amazing headlining Glastonbury in, I think, 1999?

Every SA fan should watch Strange Days, obviously.

They did! Supposedly a co-headliner with Slaves, but they played last, so that’s headlining in my book. I watched about twenty minutes, they seemed pretty good but Banco De Gaia was beckoning from the dance tent…


Love Strange Days. Criminally underrated film.

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Banco de Gaia’s 1996 Glasto live album is still a firm

Well it’s a really grim plot, tbf

I like their works of the 90’s very much and still listen to them.
I had a chance to see them in 2011 in Burgas, BG.
Skunk Anansie have about 10 songs in my All Time Super Classics List.


Was the gig in Burgas, Spirit of Burgas? If so, that lineup was awesome and I was annoyed I couldn’t get over for it.

Exactly Spirit of Burgas fest.