Sky Ferreira - IRE/UK tour March 2024!

I still listen to Night Time, My Time regularly. Not a duff track on it, absolutely love it.

The delays around her follow up album Masochism (named after me) does make me concerned about how good it’s gonna be, but even if it’s halfway as good as NTMT I’d be happy.

Just saw that she’s the Playboy cover girl for October with the full feature here, which hopefully suggests the release date could be pretty pretty soon.


I’ve never listened to her. A friend of mine (who has similar taste to me) really, really loves the debut, and I get the sense that it’s the kind of thing I would ordinarily love. But somehow I’ve just never managed to listen to the album.

Probably because of the label’s hardcore approach to issuing takedown notices.

You should definitely give it a listen based on the things you’ve liked before. It’s not hugely challenging stuff you need to be in the mood for either, it’s both immediate and stands up to repeated listens.

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I will do as I am told.

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That is acceptable. I had thought she was more guitary. Is that track representative of the album?

She is more guitary generally, yeah. That one’s got the smoothness of Blood Orange / Kindness, but if you’re looking for something with more teeth then

This one’s probably my favourite if I had to choose

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Ta. Will give these a listen at lunch time. :+1: :+1:

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I recognise the second one… I think… Keeps mashing into La Roux’s Bulletproof in my brain as I’m listening.

I can see that this is an album I probably would’ve listened to quite a bit if I’d got it when it was released. May have to get hold of it.

i disagree with the notion that there’s not a bad song on the album (there’s a couple), but I would still happily give the album 10/10 based on how fucking amazing the amazing songs are.

saw her at Oslo in Hackney a few years ago, what a bloody brilliant gig.

anyway, looking forward to this finally coming out.

Absolutely love Omanko, even if it is least representative of the album as a whole.

Any updates on the follow up?


Came into this thread thinking there was sn update on the album. Sadly not.

Saw her in 2014 playing the songs from ‘Night Time, My Time’.Incredible. Was a fan straight away.

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prob my fav song of the last 5 years m/l


When I heard that new Diiv album earlier this year, I liked some of the songs, but basically kept thinking they should have got Sky Ferreira to sing all of them rather than just 2.

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This is great n’all, but where is that album?

Possibly should treat this the same as an announcement from Kevin Shields about new material, but I’m cautiously optimistic.


She wrote this tweet about an hour before being announce for Pitchfork Festival, so there’s a bit more stock in it

Genuinely think Night Time, My Time is a bit of a pop masterpiece. Get obsessed with it every couple of months and it barely leaves my stereo. Got fond memories of summer road trips with this blaring in the background!