Sky Ferreira - IRE/UK tour March 2024!

Looking forward to reading this tomorrow.

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Sounds like it could be on Beyondless

Thank christ I’m not the only one who thought that. Not a clue about this sound Bitter Sweet Symphony stuff that it has been likened to.

I quite like it on 1st listen.

I’m enjoying this a lot. Bit of a change in direction.

Really like this, enjoying the woozy strings - you can hear the Mica Levi influence she was talking about.

Still waiting :frowning:

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1 year later! Exactly.

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Fuck sake thought we were on here. I wonder what has happened?


Nuts innit. Listened to downhill lullaby about a billion times tho

Think she’s mentioned lockdown causing a delay to further releases as well as health issues that have caused there to be such a long wait since the last album.

more general Sky Ferreira question:

before she released a more ‘produced’ (more lumbering imho) version of You’re Not The One, which is the mix on the album, there was a demo of it which was less shiny and infinitely better. i never enjoy the song as much as i should do because i know that this superior demo version exists, but i cannot find it anywhere on the internet, not even proof that it ever existed. but i KNOW it did. am i going mad?? does anyone else remember it?? can anyone else find it?? someone in a comments section on a YouTube video mentioned a ‘raw original’ but the audio on that video is exactly the same as the album cut…


Got to be honest I didn’t know there was a demo of You’re Not The One. I do remember the leak of Dev Hynes demo of Everything Is Embarrassing that kicked up a massive stink.

Try soundcloud or popjustice forum maybe? I’ll try and have a look around in a bit.

I’d try soulseek

Is it this one? Just found a website that seems to have everything and this is the only version that’s mentioned?

I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but that’s much more like the version I remember hearing and it’s a damn fine substitute if I can’t ever find the original!

This one? This is going to be night now isn’t it :man_facepalming:

or this one?

Last option

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It’s the last one!! Yes!!! (Although I like the second one too - the drums being louder works nicely)

Superb work. Thank you so much @Roughyed for wasting your evening chasing Sky Ferreira demos around the internet!!

I was worried this was going to be a situation like I had in the past with Celebrity Skin by Hole and Show Girl by the Auteurs where - pre-Spotify - I’d accidentally downloaded a dodgy cover version instead of the original (although the cover of Showgirl is lovely, in a sort of zonked out Spanish accented way)

I think that 2nd one is an actual take because the file is called ref2a or something.

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