Sky Ferreira - Touring now!

more general Sky Ferreira question:

before she released a more ‘produced’ (more lumbering imho) version of You’re Not The One, which is the mix on the album, there was a demo of it which was less shiny and infinitely better. i never enjoy the song as much as i should do because i know that this superior demo version exists, but i cannot find it anywhere on the internet, not even proof that it ever existed. but i KNOW it did. am i going mad?? does anyone else remember it?? can anyone else find it?? someone in a comments section on a YouTube video mentioned a ‘raw original’ but the audio on that video is exactly the same as the album cut…


Got to be honest I didn’t know there was a demo of You’re Not The One. I do remember the leak of Dev Hynes demo of Everything Is Embarrassing that kicked up a massive stink.

Try soundcloud or popjustice forum maybe? I’ll try and have a look around in a bit.

I’d try soulseek

Is it this one? Just found a website that seems to have everything and this is the only version that’s mentioned?

I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but that’s much more like the version I remember hearing and it’s a damn fine substitute if I can’t ever find the original!

This one? This is going to be night now isn’t it :man_facepalming:

or this one?

Last option

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It’s the last one!! Yes!!! (Although I like the second one too - the drums being louder works nicely)

Superb work. Thank you so much @Roughyed for wasting your evening chasing Sky Ferreira demos around the internet!!

I was worried this was going to be a situation like I had in the past with Celebrity Skin by Hole and Show Girl by the Auteurs where - pre-Spotify - I’d accidentally downloaded a dodgy cover version instead of the original (although the cover of Showgirl is lovely, in a sort of zonked out Spanish accented way)

I think that 2nd one is an actual take because the file is called ref2a or something.

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She’s on the Primavera line up.

Sky Ferreira

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Please, pretty please

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Struggling to imagine how it can not be a let down after all this anticipation


I love these lists. Not even an attempt to justify their picks this year either. What mbv record exactly? Number 10 is the fucking Wrens despite the fact that half the songs from it, 18 years of work, were acrimoniously released as a solo project a couple of weeks ago


I feel like these lists have to be troll jobs by this point. There’s always a few actual albums with dates and titles, then a diarrhea list of speculation, why nots, and wouldn’t it be nice.

The NME posting “news” pieces about it has got to mean something right? RIGHT?


never got the SF love, completely passed me by (not hating, just confused)

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£40 fuck that

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And its at 11pm, and in the foyer. Some weird scheduling.

as far as i’m aware i went to her last london gig, it was about £10 a ticket and at OSLO. not even sure it sold out. she’s done literally nothing since ha. odd how things work.