Skype for Business status and message

I’m simply ‘Available’

What’s the worst one you can see on your list of contacts?

Someone has “Be more awesome that last year”


“Don’t get excited cowboy, I was looking at your horse”

My two contacts from IT both have “Please submit a ticket to…”

Best one I can see is simply ‘uuuuughhh’

Worst is ‘to help process your client request, please create a case on the company account. Thank you :)’

In a job I knew I was leaving (and no-one else knew I was leaving) I had the Destroyer lyric “I was a dreamer, watch me leave.” as mine. Was so satisfying to have it there the day I fucked off.

“…when de bowat comes in”.

No-one has anything but the default.

I suppose “presence unknown” is probably the worst, because it tells me absolutely NOTHING.

Not Skype for Business but I recently interviewed someone whose Google+ profile status was ‘Being shit’. That went down well.

someone’s has always been ‘Goose’, dunno why but bit late to ask isn’t it

Do you work with me?

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guy I used to work with didn’t grasp which was the status field and which was the search field

mildly amusing, it was

i don’t see their status / message just the last thing they sent to me?

i’m using normal skype though not skype for business

you have to look at the contacts page i think

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ok, think i’ve got it

only one person in my entire contacts list has one and it just says “cheers”