Yeah, wassup guys!

I’m playing Skyrim for the first time.

I’m still a bit confused TBH.

I’m a Redguard (?) and level 6.

So far done 3 ups to health, 2 to magic (it seems to be used to protect me from bastard mages) and 1 to stamina.

But is that good?

I have dome magic perks (destruction and restoration) but not actually found much time to use them.

Loads of weapons have red negatives against damage apart from a couple of two handers. I don’t really get that.

Anyone care to offer tactics and stuff?


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Interesting to compare this to Zelda. I prefer the grittier system here I think but I miss the clarity of graphics that Zelda had.

Also zeldas bows were more “snipery” in use whereas here I feel like I’m just flinging stuff out at range with little plan.

Aww Theo you are great!

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The thing with Skyrim is do what you want, the game won’t ever really punish you so if you feel like being a Mage do that, otherwise hit people with a big sword. None of the quests will be locked out based on your levelling choices.

Take time and pick some herbs, you can make a lot of cool potions and sell them for money


Try and find the Steed Stone which is a monument outside somewhere that will give you a big bonus to carrying capacity which is the biggest hinderance in the game really. Other than that I would say stamina isn’t really that necessary it just helps with big power attacks but health or magica are better

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have you spoken to one of the big lads with the mammoths yet? lot of good convo opportunities


Thanks Bam.

I really need to understand how to fight mages. One quest took me into a nest of them and they kept killing me.

What’s the best way?

Can you explain the fact some weapons have their damage lower in red brackets and some higher in green)? I have near equal 1H and 2H skill it feels but I find it hard to navigate that screen.

I have lots of food but I’m unclear (alongside sleep) if eating is something you do aside from to heal?

I feel this is a trap. Those giants seem to get ready to hit me if I go close.

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no man they’re pacifists, if you’re brave they have loads of cool shit to say/sell


Eating is just to heal but potions will usually be better for that. Mages can be a pain the best way is to sneak and pick them off at a distance with a bow. If you sneak and they don’t see you (the little eye indicator stays closed) you will get a big bonus damage multiplier.

As for the numbers I can’t really remember that stuff but you can always pause in the middle of combat to drink potions or eat food so sometimes you have to brute force it against mages, they really drain your health quickly


this is true, a stealth sniper archer is the best way to complete the game


but have you considered going FULL BEEF

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Oh yeah and don’t side with the stormcloaks they are racist dicks


I find this hard in this game. Can you get better aiming or is it just being careful? Like in Zelda you get a bit of a zoom in when you draw back.

And yeah I’m trying sneaking but even ‘hidden’ these guys were shit hot! Ha ha, so shit with controllers. I also have the motion thing on the Switch so that’s adding more moves I guess.

Oh no, I just rescued Thorold and he and his brother said they were off to join those guys…

I mean you can do what you like, imperialism is bad too! They seem to hate all other races than the nords though so I never go with them

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Okay I’ve realised the numbers after weapon damage is just in comparison to what I have equipped, it’s not saying I’m doing less or more than the weapon’s maximum damage. Buh!

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hi theo good to see you’re playing skyrim

get yourself kitted out