👿🐛🐚⬆ Slay the Spire rolling thread ⬆🐚🐛👿

There’s a few more people playing this game now so I thought I’d start a discussion thread.

For those who don’t know, Slay the Spire is a deckbuilding/roguelike indie game available on most platforms. It is extremely good and easy to pick up - not just for penoids! I have personally racked up nearly 200 hours now :grimacing:.

Achievements? Favourite character? Memorable decks? Win ratio?


Got all my characters to ascension level 3 the other day, up to 90 hours on steam I think.

Most memorable deck was the Ironclad with the card that gives strength per turn, managed a deck with a few of these and some energy adding relics, created this wildly strong monster. My fave character is The Silent though, she has some really cool builds you can do with the poison. I win probably 1/5 times haha, not amazing at it.

I would like to get all the achievements on this game but it’s proving to be a tough task. I have the following remaining:

  • Infinity (25 cards played in a turn)
  • You Are Nothing (defeat boss on turn 1)
  • Minimalist (beat game with 5 card deck or smaller)
  • Who Needs Relics? (beat game with a single relic)
  • Speed Climber (<20 min run)
  • Common Sense (no uncommon/rare cards)
  • The Transient (beat the bastard Transient)
  • All of the Ascension ones

Any tips? I’ve wrecked my win ratio trying to get some of these, currently at about 1 in 10.

Think I like the Defect the most now as a character despite not liking him much to begin with. Have only tried the Watcher a handful of times (1 win so far).

My win rate is pretty shit which I put down to grinding ascension levels and always going for the 3 keys.

playing as the paladin type guy with the big hook sword.

trying to build a block and attack with block bonus type deck. made it halfway through the city so far.

I think the best way to beat the Transient is with a posiom deck and nightmare/burst/catalyst.

That’s a good shout, he’s never appeared when I’ve had that kind of deck though. Had an amazing deck that I used to beat Ascension 4 with the other day. Had two upgraded catalysts, feel like I would have wrecked the transient with that :frowning:

As for the speed run, has anyone managed this? Assuming Ironclad strength build is the way to go - had a decent first attempt but got stopped by The Head and all his stupid hit points. That was about 20 mins in so wouldn’t have got it anyway.

Ironclad Dropkick deck. It’s my favourite “archetype” in the game. It’s hard to build towards because you need two Dropkicks (or Dropkick plus Dual Wield or something) and either Runic Pyramid or a way of exhausting most of your deck (lots of options in Ironclad for this). I’ve completed mid-level Ascension runs with it twice and fucked up dozens of other runs by trying to force that deck.

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Silent should work for this I think, Noxious Fumes and block cards and you don’t need any relics.

Dropkick deck again since it’s an infinite loop.

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Anyway, I beat Ascension 20 with Ironclad the other day and am going to try to do the others now. Think I’m something like 11 on Silent, 13 on Defect, 0 on Watcher.

Just the 300 hours played for me :grimacing:


I’ve played 100 hours since January. Ironclad A6, Silent and Defect A4, no wins with Watcher yet. Favourite deck/win was an Ironclad Body Slam/Barricade/Panic Button - just felt so satisfying. I’m quite stuck in my ways with the various characters - I like specific builds and if I don’t get the cards I’m not great at improvising. For example I’ve not tried anything but lightning orbs with Defect (massively fun when you start chaining that together though).

Had a Watcher run just now… got smashed by act 1 boss. Managed to get rid of all but one Strike but forgot to pick up other attack cards. It was a slow yet inevitable death.

Bought this recently but still haven’t played, I’m afraid it’s something I could get REALLY into

I’m pretty rubbish at this tbh. I think I’ve played 50 hours and gotten Ironclad to Ascension 3 and Silent to Ascension 2. Half my problem is continuously rushing things. I keep picking cards I like without giving any thought to crafting a build. Which leads to lots of stumbling to the 3rd floor boss with zero chance of victory.

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The number of times I’ve attempted to build this deck and failed. One day…

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My next goal is going to be the same thing in Silent but with Heel Hook.

  • Team Snecko Eye 4 lyfe
  • Team Fuck Off Snecko Eye you cunt

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If I want to win I’ll try to take it. But it is definitely less fun to play the game with it.

I’m kinda the opposite with Frozen Eye though (Frozen Eye | Slay the Spire Wiki | Fandom). Never taken it. Just sounds like a really boring, micromanagingy way to play.

I dunno if it’s just my luck but the snecko always completely fucks me over. I keep trying as people tell me it’s game breakingly good but I anyways end up with an unplayable deck.