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I picked it up on Android the other day, because fuck it why bother with real life anyway? I had a successful Ironclad run but the button at the bottom wouldn’t work. I had to come out of the game. Then I went back in to find no record of the run at all. Cracking stuff. Welcome to ascension level 21 - wins don’t count.

Where are you dying most? Act 1, 2, 3?

IIRC I think Ascension 12 (or 13?) is when Ascenders Bane starts in your deck. So things like Clash become much less useful. At this level card draw is very important too. Partly to avoid the negative effects of things like Ascenders Bane. Cards like Offering are insane for a character who struggles with energy and card draw.

I think my most successful Ironclad runs usually have 1 or more of the following going on:

  • Strength scaling with a Reaper to reheal at the end of the fight
  • 1+ Feel No Pain and exhaust synergies to create loads of block (maybe with a Corruption)
  • Plenty of energy from relics (it’s possible to create a good Ironclad deck with 3 starting energy but it’s hard given how good the 2-cost cards are).
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Good advice this thanks - i rarely pick up the extra draw cards usually as they aren’t very exciting and this could be where I’m going wrong.

I find i die most at boss of act 2 (regardless of who it is) or occasionally act 1 if i get a terrible run of cards.

Speaking of card draw. Don’t sleep on Snecko Eye. It’s very very useful with Ironclad.

Snecko Eye is actually useful for something?! :open_mouth: Gives me anxiety just thinking of all the random energy costs for my go-to cards!

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Abhor snecko eye

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Snecko Eye is massively powerful but can make the game less fun.

The way to think about Snecko is that you get 2 extra cards drawn each turn. Which is incredibly good. The downside to that is of course the energy randomisation but with the right deck it’s generally more beneficial than not. The Ironclad doesn’t have too many 0 cost cards so generally it’s a good pick.

It also syngerises beautifully with:

  • Gambling chip (discard all the expensive cards in your hand)
  • Ice cream (keep the energy for when you need it)
  • Any 3 cost card basically

If you get offered Snecko what cards you pick going forward should change too. So there is more strategy in finding the right cards to pick.

I do understand that battles with Snecko Eye are less fun and complex (often you’re simply playing what you can afford to play) but anyone wanting to progress up the Ascension levels should consider taking it more often.


Don’t think I have ever turned Snecko down with Ironclad

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Okay, I’ve had a go at a shiv build and you’re right - it’s pretty great! I had an amazing run where I felt like a total bruiser - had a load of strength relics, and ones where you gain block for attacks played (not having to balance your approach is so satisfying), and the one where you start with a load of shivs, and the one where you make a skill innate, so I chose accuracy…my initial turn was devastating, but I didn’t manage to prune my deck enough I don’t think. I’m yet to beat the revenant wolf thing. Think I got them down to their final ten points of health though.


Don’t think it’s been mentioned for a while but my number one tip for StS is if you haven’t already, turn on fast animations, or whatever they are called. Loads of interesting tactics and stuff, but that makes the game about 100% better. You can do runs in half the time and I played over 100 hours before I found out about it.


This was a revelation when I found it.

It’s allowed me to lose twice as many runs in the same amount of time.

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So I played last night and snecko eye was one of the relics offered - i took it and breezed through Ascension level 12. Wonderful stuff!

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I had played about 180 hours before realising. Could maybe have knocked 30 hours off that.

Been stuck on Ascension level 3 for Silent for ages. Had total shit for probably about ten runs now and starting to feel like now it’s got me it’s stringing me along!

I think the Silent is the hardest in Act 1. Choosing between 3 seemingly shite card rewards feels like a kick in the teeth because it’s difficult to see the synergies early on.

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I just don’t seem to get anything decent - haven’t had a good batch of relics in forever, I try keeping my options open or really restricting my deck and I never seem to pick up what I need to make it work. It doesn’t quite feel fair. Also how tha fuck do you do in that Cultist dog thing?! I’ve always shot my figurative load before they come back again, and then they’re tougher than ever!

Basically try to play as few powers as possible before phase 2. And check which boss you’re fighting as soon as you get into act 3 so you can plan accordingly.


Also a general silent tip for me is the calculated gamble might be one of the Silents best cards. Especially upgraded. Synergises so well with loads of stuff and crucially allows you to get to the cards you need ASAP.

A method of weakening it is very handy too, by card or saved potion. The first attack of the awakened one is usually 40+, if you can weaken it that saves you 13 or 14 HP straight away. Plus it’s always tempting to focus on attack but you need to be able to put up some decent block. If you can manufacture 20 block and weaken it, you go from losing 45 HP to about 10. Then it usually calms down a bit.

A couple of upgraded footworks go a long way to surviving, although it’s risk/reward playing powers in that fight.

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Never known how to use Calculated Gamble, although I have started sometimes cracking it out when there’s unplayables in my deck. Definitely never even seen what it looks like upgraded! Does that make it innate?