Sleater Kinney 2019


Nah Green Man haven’t ever made a booking first in their lives. They’ll be on there next year after End of the Road have them this year.

Green Man is Nathaniel Brownsword III, Fleet Foxes and Vestibule.


I dunno man, Neutral Milk Hotel in 2014 was pretty greaaaaat


Oh read that wrong. Not sure if that was a booking first.


Best album by miles for me.


alright but what’s the best by Sleater-Kinney?


They def got NMH ahead of EotR (where they/he haven’t played), fair enough.

Not exactly an off piste booking though that one.

Anyway, forget that, glad we are all agree they are playing one of the two!


Ridiculously excited for this.

Best band


With two of my all time favourite acts collaborating i’m tempted to get very excited, however, I also recall the first Unkle album and that soon cools my fever.


Start Together is an amazing song but I just find it doesn’t stand up as well as the others for me, aside from s/t.

Since we’re all ranking the albums my barely-anything-in-it list I would say:

No Cities to Love
The Woods
One Beat
Dig Me Out
All Hands on the Bad One
Call the Doctor
The Hot Rock

Although in terms of absolute favourite songs then it’s hard to beat The Woods as it has both Jumpers and Entertain which can’t really be beaten for emotion and energy.


I’ve always enjoyed St Vincent when she comes on between other stuff on 6Music but I couldn’t get through her album, really ‘not for me’ in that format, so hopefully her production won’t massively affect S-K. With the except of The Woods they have generally sounded pretty similar from album to album but maybe they used the same producer on most of the others (I haven’t ever looked into it).

EDIT - checked and it seems John Goodmanson produced all their albums with the exception of The Woods, The Hot Rock and Sleater-Kinney so that explains that then.


Hot rock
Call the doctor
All hands
Dig me out
The woods
One beat
No cities


Yeah it’s this order isn’t it.


i think it says a lot that everyones album orders are quite different. what a fucking brilliant band


I couldn’t come up with a list cause it implies some of their albums aren’t good


No other band has ever been so consistently great. I’d go as far to say that nobody has ever been as good at anything as Sleater-Kinney are at being a band, I’m so here for this. Bring on them fuckin live shows and all.


Imagine if a long-standing indie band many albums into their career worked with a new producer to come up with one of the albums of the year!

Nah, that would never happen would it.


you calling this 2019’s double negative? i s-k to do a noise record tbf


I’d like to hear them make a funk record


I booked to get a Sleater Kinney tattoo when I’m in Berlin in May. Just looked up the studio and it’s about 10 mins walk from where I saw them nearly 4 years ago.


I booked years ago to get one done but money troubles happened and it fell through :sob: still dream about getting it done