Sleater Kinney 2019


The Hot Rock
Call the Doctor
All Hands on the Bad One
Dig Me Out
The Woods
No Cities to Love

This ranking will probs change again next week


I’ve got 3 albums and love them all. I need to check out the rest. Genuinely don’t know why they were under my radar for so long.


I mean the straight answer is industry-wide sexism, I guess.


Yep, I’m having a Sleater Kinney day.


I remember years and years ago having a blue Matador CD sampler thing that had loads of tracks from bands I ended up loving on it (including Modest Mouse who I heard for the first time represented by ‘Heart Cooks Brain’)

The SK track on there was ‘Banned from the end of the world’ and I didn’t like it at all so I let them pass me by for years and years and only really got into the retrospectively once they were on hiatus. I still maintian that that’s pretty much their only bad song and I feel extra bitter about it because if they’d been represented by almost anything else they could have been a band I’d have loved years earlier.


I’ve never listened to a Sleater Kinney album even though I know I would probably enjoy it. Should probably remedy that tbh tbf…


Today is the day to remedy this…


Great band. Very bad idea…


Quite possibly my favorite.


i own this one and have listened to Dig Me Out a couple of times. need to listen to some of the others. been meaning to check out The Woods for ages so might remedy that this week.


Hot rock. Is amazing. Go for that next. Completely changed their dynamic. Duelling vocals on every track. Very treble heavy. Quite unique


Just checked in to say that Sleater Kinney are real swell. Real swell.


If you like it I’d just go backwards through their catalogue from there I’d say.


A wise investment!


So you suggest I listen to their entire discography?


The Woods is my favourite. Heavy punch in the stomach from the off. The middle of Rollercoaster sounds like The Ronettes in a wind tunnel. Let’s Call it Love into Night Light is simply immense. Janet Weiss is the best drummer in rock music. Amazing record.


A billionty times this^


Do it!


Yeah, they’re alright ain’t they


Tracks like Fade from No Cities is one of my absolute favourites. The recorded version just wants me to see them live, as I would imagine it is immense.

Can anyone confirm?