Sleater Kinney 2019


I agree, always superb and surprising. I was lucky enough to chat to her after a Quasi gig in Birmingham about five years ago and told her as much!


Was amazing hearing it live when they played in London last time


Was that at the Roundhouse? Amazing!


Yeah, was so happy when they played it


Remember seeing this on and.being irked they didn’t play it in Manchester, but I think Manchester had a good few killers that weren’t played in London also.


Fade would be one of my favourite songs that I’ve never seen live. I’d love if they added it to their setlist on future tours.


Well it’s a given when you like a band. Just reckon that’s a good order to do it in.


I was just messing around - it’s a reference to this…


Aha! Nice!


This makes me feel slightly better for never having seen them live (yet).


Listened to a lot of Sleater-Kinney this weekend, think I forgot just how much I like them. Also, listened through the Wild Flag album and how great is that album too? Super excited for this album!


You probably already know this but if you like Wild Flag keep an eye out for the new Ex Hex album in March. They’re awesome.


Yeah it’s a fantastic song too, feeling a lot of excitement towards the year ahead in music which is nice.


The Ex Hex are coming to the UK for a few dates in May


They’ll probably not play anywhere I can afford to get to atm but I’ll keep my fingers crossed I’m wrong.


[Glasgow, United Kingdom]

Brudenell Social Club
[Leeds, United Kingdom]

The Deaf Institute
[Manchester, United Kingdom]

Exchange Bristol
[Bristol, United Kingdom]

Village Underground
[London, United Kingdom]


Ooh that Bristol date might be doable actually…

Cheers for posting these :+1:


Saw this and mistakenly got all excited about a Sleater Kinney tour.

But Ex Hex is also nice


Reporting back on this…

Pretty great album. Kicks off hard right from the off and doesn’t let up. The guitars, drums and vocals are all fierce - only just seen from their Wiki page that they don’t use a bass. Nice. Their sound has loads of the 80s/90s touchpoints that I love. If I can muster up any criticism, maybe that it’s a bit one paced (ie fast) and too short - that said, just means I have to listen to it all over again once it’s finished :+1:

From reading through the recommendations in this thread, might try The Woods next…


Never listened to Ex Hex before, and excitedly listened. Sound like The Kayas compared to Sleater Kinney.