Sleater Kinney 2019

Not great but not bad either. If a tour is announced between now and August I might be waiting for the album to decide whether to buy tickets or not. Never a great sign.

Yeah I enjoyed it more on second listen and do like it. Just disappointing as it would be great with a proper chorus rather than one that sounds like Arcade Fire.

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Biggest crime here is backgrounding Janet Weiss. Can barely hear the drums and they sound like a pre programmed backing track.

The whole thing feels a bit limp? Which isn’t something I’ve ever associated with them before. I can imagine a live version where they play it faster and louder would sound great though.

How many should I go to? Thinking at least Amsterdam and Manc.



Wow, that song is really quite bad. Love Corin but she’s not on form there. Awful lyrics. Jesus.

Yeah can do without the ‘everyone’s looking at phones these days!!’ bit

We’ve had a solo Carrie song and a solo Corin song (is there gonna be a solo Janet song with all the drums on it?) - none of that classic S-K interplay

Not massively looking forward to this album, I’m sorry to say (I didn’t like NCTL all that much either)

That’s the whole song

Everyone’s on bugle
Now we’re being watched by Google
The future’s like a wet sock
What the hell is Tik Tok etc


Sleater-Kinney at Barrowlands could be incredible. Seriously considering taking a long weekend to go up for it

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That’s bloody ages away.

Frankfurt on a Saturday night with a sibling who lives in Frankfurt - yes please.

Barras. Fuck yes.

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Anyone having any luck with the presale? I can enter the code on seetickets but can’t click the link to buy, and on ticketmaster I can’t find where to enter the code!

It’s working for the one in Amsterdam

I’m hoping that it’s delayed till 10am and that’s why it’s not working. Will just try every 30s for the next hour.

Deffo doing Berlin and London, not sure if I should book Paris and Glasgow as well argh

If anyone’s trying for tickets in the UK I recommend going through o2 if you can.

I clicked through from the email and it worked - think you book on the promoter website (Parallel Lines)

London tickets bought, Berlin ticket site is not giving a pre-order option :grimacing:

That’s odd. I clicked through from the email and the code was accepted so the option to buy appeared, but stayed greyed out no matter what I did.

Never got it to work so called up a friend who was on o2.